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Stark PH8+ Elite H2O

Stark PH8+ Elite H20Product Overview

Looking for a product that can help restore your body's pH back to neutral? STARK Elite H2O PH8+ alkaline-micro-cluster water will help to keep your body hydrated.

What is Stark™ Elite H2O PH8+? The latest product to join the Stark family is an elite alkaline water! Stark focuses on making everyday choices better. Water is an essential part of living a healthy life. True to form, Stark has taken water and made it better! The majority of things we ingest on a regular basis have an acidic value which disrupts our body's optimal pH level of 7.4. An acidic body pH can make you more susceptible to sickness, stress and disease. Drinking alkaline water is a natural and safe way to restore and replenish your body's natural pH. Restoring the body's pH to 7.4 allows the body to function at optimal levels. Alkaline water has the ability to provide ideal body function with a myriad of other health benefits and superior hydration. Stark has taken the necessary steps to offer the best alkaline pH water possible. Stark™ Elite H2O PH8+ goes to the optimal limits by offering perfect pH balanced hydration. Come join us in the Stark Movement with this exciting new and essential product! Experience what top athletes already seek through hydration and become ELITE with Stark™ Elite H2O PH8+!

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Stark Energy Orange Label


  • Vapor Distilled
  • BPA Free Bottles


  • Alkaline PH8.4+
  • Micro Cluster Hydration

Product Details

  • 1 Case
  • 24 - 16.9 Ounce Bullet Bottles